Custom Architectural Glass Solutions


How do I request a sample?

We love hearing about the projects you are working on.  Please give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you have in mind.  From there we can determine some options for your project.  If you want to learn more about what we need in order to produce a sample, you can review our file requirements here.


What are the lead times for ordering glass?

Lead times average between 4 to 6 weeks (from receipt of clean purchase order and deposit) depending on the scale and location of the job.  From time to time, we are able to produce and job in less time depending on current work in progress.


Does Imagic Glass handle delivery and installation?

We charge a reasonable fee for crating and shipping glass.  Costs for crating and shipping are dependent on the amount of glass, sizes, and the distance being shipped.  Some of our clients may elect to arrange their own shipping.  Our local clients often pick up their orders from our facility and they are equipped with a vehicle that has racks for handling glass and/or they have skids or racks of their own to secure the glass for transportation.  We do not install glass nor do we typically recommend installers (glazing contractors).  We recommend searching for glaziers with positive reviews and lots of experience!


How do I learn more about pricing for Imagic Glass products?

Give us a call ! Once we have some details about your project and the type of glass you are considering, we can provide budgetary estimates per ft2.  In order to provide you with a firm quotation, we require detailed sizes, dimensions, quantities and glass make up (glass type, thickness, colour, strength, interlayer etc.).  These details are typically in the form of a specification, drawings or “take offs” that a glazing contractor (installer) would use to secure a firm quotation for a project.  This detailed information is best provided by email.


Can I come to the production facilities for a tour?

Absolutely!  We are open to the public and give tours often. You can call or send us an email to schedule a time for someone to show you around.  We have lots of samples in our library which we use to help demonstrate how our techniques can be customized for specific design requirements.


Do you provide glass for residential projects?

Depending on the scale and scope of the project, yes!  Typically we would be contacted by an architect, designer and/or a glazing contractor for residential projects.


Do you provide graphic design services for printed and sandblasted glass?

We do not create artwork and ask that all artwork is provided to us finished and scaled to size.  For more information on artwork requirements, please follow this link.


How do I submit artwork?

When you are ready to submit artwork, you can send us an email with a file attachment, a link using Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or whatever file sharing service you feel most comfortable using.  When submitting artwork, your file should be either an Adobe Illustrator file or a PDF.  If submitting artwork for etching or carving, we require the artwork to be an Adobe Illustrator Vector File.  Click here to learn more about artwork requirements.


Can you do custom colour matching?

Yes! We are often asked to custom colour match.  For the best results, please provide us with one or more of the following: a physical swatch of the colour, a Pantone code, a RAL number, a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams code.


Do you manufacture glass for both interior and exterior use?

We do!  We have a variety of different techniques in order to properly meet a variety of installation demands.


Do you ship your glass?

We have an in house crating department that can package your glass to be shipped internationally.  We charge a fee for crated goods which is dependent on the quantity of glass, size and number of crates.  This can be estimated during the quotation process and finalized once all the glass details are understood. We request that customers arrange freight in order to best guarantee delivery.


I am not sure which glass to use or what techniques are best suited for the project I am working on.  Can I work with somebody to help me figure out which direction to go?

Yes!  We highly recommend contacting us and speaking with our skilled and knowledgeable team.  Important information for us to know is where the glass is going (interior, in an elevator, exterior etc.), how it is being used (as wall cladding, as room divider, as canopy, as flooring, as marker board etc.), approximate budget (total or per ft2) and your general concept for the project.  We can then have a discussion on the type of glass that could be appropriate for your project.


Do you provide windows and doors?

We do not offer windows (often referred to as sealed units) for commercial or residential use.  Our architectural glass could potentially be incorporated into units or used for interior door applications.  Please contact our office to discuss.