Imagic Glass offers exceptional printed glass solutions and we are proud to hold a patent for our printed glass and mirror applications.  Our technology is unique and allows us to achieve the highest resolution in the industry (1500 dpi).  Unlike traditional ceramic ink glass printing, our technology allows us to achieve outstanding colour reproduction across the entire colour spectrum.  We can print in multiple layers which means we can achieve opacity levels from 0% to 100%+ on the same piece of glass, something unique to the industry.  Our resolution means that we can print gradients with no banding or “lawnmower” effect.  Our inks are typically protected either by applying a protective layer of back-paint or by laminating the glass and capturing the printed image.  Because we are not using traditional ceramic ink methods, we are able to print on annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass.  We can print directly to the glass or we can print to film and laminate.  Whether we print to film or directly to glass, the results are the same: exceptional resolution, vivid colours and outstanding artwork reproduction. We can print sizes up to 200” x 98” and on glass thicknesses of 3mm to 19mm.