When the University of Windsor was designing the new Essex Centre of Research (CORe)) they wanted a state of the art space. There are no classrooms in the new facility as it is designed solely for research.

Light floods the entire space with its massive windows, creating a bright and airy workspace for graduate and undergraduate students. Transparency was integral to the design of the new space – to allow people to see into science.

When designing the project, Hariri Pontarini Architects wanted to merge the intense work of science with the welcoming and natural environment of the University. The result is a showcase for creativity and innovative research.

The custom printed glass fins feature vertical patterns. These patterns are inspired by nature and create a shimmering effect, making the SRIF stand out.

Imagic fabricated 500 of these panels of 13mm low iron tempered laminated glass with an extra stiff SentryGlass (SGP) interlayer and four distinct digitally printed patterns. The glass fins were fabricated 22” wide x 118’ high and installed by Riverside Glass.

The newly completed structure is visible from the Ambassador Bridge and is a beautiful example of creativity. The floor to ceiling glass provides a direct view into the meeting and research space! 

Let our team at Imagic Glass work with your design and allow the beautiful qualities of glass become a showcase!