When York University’s original student centre was built, the university was half the size that it is now. To address this issue, a new student centre was built, providing a grand entrance to the campus that includes 150,000 square feet of space for recreation, meetings, studying, club offices and a multi-faith prayer room.

The student body wanted the facility to be welcoming and open to all, so Cannon Design reflected that with a transparent façade. The design includes an extensive use of natural lighting to promote community safety, accessibility and environmental sustainability.

To accomplish this, Applewood Glass installed tempered laminated glass with white and blue coloured interlayers. Clear, laminated glass was used for stair rails, balustrades and feature walls. To create a smooth clean aesthetic, highly polished edges requiring a great deal of precision were needed. 

Imagic Glass was tasked with fabricating large quantities of glass within a very tight timeline to meet the opening date. We delivered with plenty of time for the skilled Applewood installers to execute their job safely and efficiently.

The result is a stunning and unique student centre, which meets the vision and needs of York’s student body. We are proud to have been a part of this endeavour.