Printed Glass

When it comes to printing on glass… the design possibilities are endless

From art pieces to corporate installations, printed glass will take any project to the next level. Unlike traditional ceramic ink glass printing, our technology allows us to achieve outstanding colour reproduction across the entire spectrum. This allows us to fabricate work from extraordinary artists, ideal for Public Art installations. As patent holders for our printed glass and mirror applications we are able to offer our clients exceptional printed glass solutions, guaranteed.

Our printing technology allows us to print in multiple layers which means we can adjust opacity levels from 0% to 600% on the same piece of glass.  As a result, we can print higher opacity to hide structural architectural work behind the glass.  Furthermore, by adjusting opacity levels on the same piece of glass we can offer the opportunity for some unique backlighting techniques for our digital stone, public art installations and much more. 

We offer the highest resolution in the industry (1500 dpi) which allows us to print exceptional gradients with no banding or “lawnmower” effect.  We can print on annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass, either direct to the glass or to film which is then laminated.

Whether we print to film or directly to glass, the results are the same: exceptional resolution, vivid colours and outstanding artwork reproduction up to 200” x 98” on glass thicknesses of 3mm to 19mm.

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